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Physical Security and
Building Automation 

Zefsol is an international corporation with highly qualified and experienced engineers and security professionals, we operate as a high tech development partner for the Security and the Hospitality Industry. Our headquarter is situated in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Zefsol provides tailor-made solutions in the field of Physical Security and Building Automation to the Hospitality Industry, like hotels, restaurants, outsourcing companies, gated communities, commercial and residential buildings and premises.
Zefsol meets the demands in the market for knowledge and understanding of the fast changing, complex high-tech security and automation market in order to maximise guest and living experience and the overall security of life and goods without financial excesses.
With pride and honour in our creative solutions, Zefsol helps and guides clients, to use high tech for their own benefit.
Our solutions add value, saves money and prevent losses.


Economize to become more secure

Zefsol has developed the concept of Save 2B Safer, high tech security solutions for entrance control on a distance, based on personal needs and authorization level of every individual in your community or work space, to improve safety and save money. We make it Safe, we keep it safe by continuous optimization and actualization. 
Zefsol provides support of the ever changing needs of all individuals. Always guided by fail safe operational tactics.
Our solutions add value and prevent losses.


Maximize guest experience

S2BS Hospitality Automations and Security by Zefsol simplifies hotel management and improves hotel security. 
S2BS is a affordable, scalable and customisable hotel automation and security system.
S2BS automates reception, telephone calls, access control on a distance, key-less access, surveillance, observation, cctv technology, energy management.
S2BS optimises your hotel management and reduces consumption and maximises the guest experience.
S2BS improves every aspect of your activity: running costs, security levels and guest experience standards.


Our solutions add value and prevent losses

ZEFSOL has more than two decades of international experience in consulting and optimization of the automation industry in general.
Zefsol specializes in security systems, energy saving techniques, hospitality, building and home automation techniques and internet of things (IoT) solutions.
We assess the needs, identify threats and existing vulnerabilities of our customers, in order to provide a tailor made solution and understanding of the needed technology.
We are here to help you identify and manage these needs and uncertainties in a structured and intelligent way.
We make sure our customers’ automation and security needs are well balanced in comfort and security, always having privacy and local legislation in mind.


Our innovative solutions set new standards for observations

Zefsol has vast experience of providing tailor-made security solutions to clients with different needs. 
Through professional security assessment we creatively design, select, implement smart customized solutions in observation, surveillance and CCTV (camera systems, cabling and monitoring solutions) systems.
Zefsol provides security solutions, for hotels, restaurants, condominiums, office buildings, private homes, events and construction sites.
Zefsol can help you design your observation, surveillance and CCTV set up from scratch or audit an existing security installation to identify its weaknesses. Our consultants and engineers can manage your complete security system, strengthen your own security department with needed key competencies or give you a second opinion.

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